Design thinking is for every business, not just designers

What is design thinking?


Innovation is at the core of every business and it has been suggested that in order to innovate effectively, a ‘design thinking’ mentality is key. This mentality focuses on questioning every aspect of a decision or product and creating a culture in which creativity can thrive.

This new approach to business forces companies to understand their customers and requires a significant amount of forward thinking in order to effectively design and produce the service or product that the customer requires. Some key examples of companies that have successfully enforced design thinking within their companies are Monzo, Uber and Spotify.


How Spotify implemented ‘design thinking’


With particular focus on arguably the best-known music streaming service in the world, Spotify rebooted its entire design and development integration format by introducing their new strategy ‘GLUE’ (Global Language for Unified Experience.) The new strategy helped the company to increase the level of collaboration between the design and development teams, enabling their redesign of the company to be more cohesive and unified, ultimately resulting in a more user-friendly interface for the customer. This is a clear representation of how ‘design thinking’ has improved the quality of the product and the culture of the business.


The key to successfully implementing a ‘design thinking’ strategy is relating the issues that need resolving to the context of the business, this allows the team solving the issue to recognise every facet of it, rather than thinking about it hypothetically.


Frances Slack


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