The Pitch Fanzine: Is there a lack of female role models in the creative industry?

There is a clear lack of diversity in the creative industry with huge leaps to be made as only 10.9% of creative vacancies are being filled by black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) candidates. In addition to this alarming statistic, only 12% of creative directors are women, showcasing a diverse range of role models and supporting women to the top remains an important pursuit.

There are thankfully several inspiring businesses out there stepping up to make positive changes, one being The Pitch Fanzine.

Sherry Collins is the founder of The Pitch Fanzine who are a movement challenging inequality, discrimination and lack of diversity in the creative industries. We asked her a couple of questions about her success and view on the lack of female role models in the industry.



Nearly 50% of women dream of opening up their own business but only 12% think it’s a realistic goal. What motivated you to set up your own business? 


I started my business so that I can do a job I love, while been available for my young kids who are still at Primary School. I wanted flexible working and the best way I thought I could really have that was to be my own boss and launch my own brand.


88% of young women say there is a lack female role models in the creative industry. What more do you think needs to be done to celebrate and promote female founders?


There are a lot of female founders out there, but some of us are just not promoting ourselves at all so that we can be seen, maybe because we want to crack on with the job in hand and not cause a fuss.

When I first launched my brand, I stayed hidden because all I wanted to do was produce the work my magazine needed each issue and promote everyone else except me. A friend took me aside and said you need to show yourself and be a role model for others. So, I made a conscious decision to do that, even though public speaking terrifies me and I am quite a shy person really. But, by stepping out from behind my brand and promoting what I care about, helped my brand and my confidence to help others. So, I think female founders should promote themselves more so that we can be role models for others.

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